Since 2000 the company’s goal is to create and produce the most authentic best in class products and play the best music. The director and founder of the company is an electronics engineer and a professional musician. Encouraged by his friends, he has lifted his passion and love for music to the next level with his audio cables. Our products are of the highest quality and design ensuring the
closest possible experience to live music. We continue to manufacture and supply high-end music lovers with the highest quality cables, and other high-end hardware and accessories. Each of the cable series has its unique names – Black Series, Black series EVO2, Black series EVO3, Ocean Blue.

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Our products

Our cables and hardware are designed to transmit the music signal to your sophisticated and highly valued customers while maintaining full recording quality without the slightest change. Many years of research and constant participation in interviews allow us to create a product that makes sound reproduction very natural and free, giving a lot of emotion. We ensure that every product coming out of our factory is unique. We can meet the needs of the most demanding audiophiles, those looking for reference cables and products. We dedicate large monitored components – from their selection to the most suitable manufacturing process. We are proud of our experience. This has been achieved through a series of continuous improvements in design and manufacturing methods.​
We also advise professionals and audiophiles looking for genuine and natural music experience. Thanks to many years of research, testing, and technical experience, we can offer you products that provide unparalleled sound quality.